FMC faced a critical efficiency challenge: the need for a self-cleaning filter to ensure an uninterrupted production for their herbicide processing. The existing GAF filters required replacement every 3 to 4 batches, taking 15 minutes each time. To address this issue and reduce spare parts cost, labour, and downtime, FMC turned to Nupac, a trusted supplier of processing and packaging equipment.

Choosing Nupac: Experience and Ongoing Support

Nupac’s experience in the industry and commitment to ongoing support and trust in the market set them apart from the competition. FMC valued Nupac’s reputation for high-quality solutions and sought a partner that could provide not only cutting-edge technology but also reliable service, maintenance, and spare parts support.

The Solution: Russell Finex Filter

Nupac offered the Russell Finex EF803 Self Cleaning Filter, known for its high quality design and technology that aligns with lean manufacturing processes. This solution not only addressed FMC’s need for a self-cleaning filter but also offered easy manipulation and handling, in compliance with Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) policies.

Eliminating the need for filter replacement, due to the self cleaning nature of the filter, downtime and waste was reduced significantly. The equipment’s easy manipulation and handling further aligned with FMC’s commitment to maintaining a safe and compliant working environment.

The EF803 is a uniquely designed self cleaning filter from Russell Finex which is used across a range of industries, including food, confectionary, paint, oils, chemicals and water. These extremely effective and reliable units are designed to increase your productivity, protect operators and minimise maintenance costs.

The Nupac Experience: From Design to Commissioning

FMC’s experience with Nupac was characterised by comprehensive support. Nupac representatives guided them through the entire process, from the initial design concept to installation and commissioning of the Russell Finex Filter. With FMC stating Nupac were “Very responsive with urgent delivery requests, & always providing follow up status on current open projects.”

Recommendation and Troubleshooting Support

FMC enthusiastically recommends Nupac to others, citing the exceptional support during the installation phase. “We ran into some minor challenges, Nupac representatives were present with us troubleshooting the possible errors & ensuring a successful installation” which reinforced FMC’s confidence in Nupac’s commitment to customer success.

FMC expresses their overall satisfaction with Nupac, noting the excellent service provided both before and after the purchase order, resulting in an effective solution specific to their needs in operation at the FMC site.