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Complete packaging solutions for tablets and liquids, including stand-alone modules for cleaning, counting, filling, weighing, capping and labelling. As well as customised solutions to perform complex tasks and provide secondary packaging systems with serial coding solutions for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

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Liquid filling examples

Liquid Filling Machines | Pharmaceuticals

For the filling of sterile, solid and liquid pharmaceuticals, Syntegon and R. Deckert provide suitable systems in different outputs and applications. Discover our packaging portfolio and find the right filling system for you. Ampules Injection Vials Cartridges Syringes   To find out more about Liquid Filling solutions and to determine what would suit your needs […]

R.Deckert – Liquid Capping Machine

Modular capping machine that can be expanded to a monoblock system.  Always ready for production: Reduce your down times and changeover times thanks to the machine’s completely repeatable format changeovers and automated minor adjustments. This new generation machine uniquely satisfies the wishes of the production environment: Format part-free container singulation, changeover at the touch of […]

R.Deckert – Capping Machine

The intermittent capping machine of the AVR series can be equipped with between 2 and 4 working stations. The modular design allows processing of many different capping types on one machine. The container transport system is a size-part-free design and is driven by servomotors. This allows repeatable size changes, direct from the HMI. With the […]