HANSELLA Candy Machine from 1922

At this year’s ProSweets, HANSELLA celebrated over 100 years in operation with a look back at their beginning in 1921.

As one of the most traditional German companies in the production of confectionery products such as hard and soft candies, chewing gums as well as bars and similar products. HANSELLA is one of the world’s most important manufacturers of corresponding kitchens and other machines for processing the corresponding masses as well as complete production and processing lines.

As part of thier display at ProSweets, HANSELLA showcased a candy machine from 1922, with this nostalgic memory also highlighting their wealth of experience and knowledge in the confectionary industry.

While also looking back on the past, HANSELLA also proudly presented their innovative MF-hamburg Double-Layer Cooling Tunnel as well as the HANSELLA Cross Cutter (WRQ), Longitudinal Cutter (WRL) and Fanning System (WRT) for bar production.

HANSELLA Stand showing the Double-Layer Cooling Tunnel










Take a look at some of HANSELLA’s solutions in action here