Machinery faults and breakdowns are usually problems which companies look at solving reactively. Once a fault or breakdown occurs, there is a scramble to fix the problem, contacting service teams and looking for spare parts to reduce downtime, resulting in lost product and sales.

This can be a stressful and costly exercise for companies and one which can be largely avoided through proactive action.

Avoid future downtime

The solution to reducing the risk of faults and breakdowns is a proactive measure including scheduled service, preventative maintenance, required upgrades and the storage of required spare parts. These seem like simple solutions, however when the problems are not obvious it is easy to ignore the proactive approach and assume machines will continue to run smoothly…until they don’t.

By ensuring regular maintenance and service, equipment is kept in good condition and issues are identified and addressed early, reducing disruptions and safety hazards. The benefits also go beyond this, with regularly maintained equipment operating at high levels of efficiency and output, also benefiting the bottom dollar of the company.

Key benefits of proactive maintenance

  • Reduced breakdowns and downtime
  • Increased equipment efficiency and output
  • Enhanced lifespan of equipment
  • Reduced safety hazards

Nupac’s local service & spare parts

Nupac’s highly qualified service department is supported by both mechanical and electrical factory trained service engineers. The team has many years of experience in the processing and packaging equipment industry with a wealth of knowledge that covers a diverse range of equipment.

Nupac’s capabilities include installation and commissioning of new machines and associated equipment, as well as service and maintenance, modernisations and upgrades with a prompt response time to breakdown calls.

In conjunction with the Nupac service team, is the knowledgeable Spare Parts Department who provide technical advice and trouble free delivery of required spare parts to all customers.
The Nupac Spare Parts Department carry stock of consumable parts that are required on a regular basis and will source and supply genuine parts directly to your factory door while taking care of all importation and handling procedures.

Working with companies to schedule preventative maintenance and ensure back up spare parts, the Nupac team understands the importance in ensuring equipment OEE and reducing the risks of downtime.

To discuss how to reduce the risk of downtime reach out to Nupac today.

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