The roasting process allows roasters to take control of their product, developing unique flavour profiles to make their product stand out from the competition. This is the most important part of the plantation-to-cup process with the coffee roaster being the most important piece of equipment for a roastery.

Whether setting up a new roastery or upgrading your equipment, it is extremely important to explore your requirements and put time into making the best choice for your business. If a choice is made to buy a roaster which is not suitable or not reliable, it can be the difference between a great final product and an average product, defining the business as a whole.

When looking at a roaster you will want to be confident it can provide high quality and consistent batches to the quantities you require. Ensuring piece of mind can then allow you to focus on other aspects of the business with the confidence your product quality will remain at a high standard.

As well as looking in the key requirements, there are a few key factors which are often overlooked in the purchasing process, especially when upgrading to more industrial roasting machines.

Talk to the right people

When looking at making an investment in a roaster you should look at talking to the right people. Whether this be other roasters, roasting machine suppliers or consultants, information gathering  from these discussions will provide valuable direction when making your final decision.

Nupac Coffee are experts in finding coffee roasting solutions, with their first priority is to ensure the right solution for your needs, even if this may not be a solution they provide. With our range of experience, Nupac Coffee are always open to discuss what may be the best option for you and will never quote a solution they do not think is suitable.

Consider customisation

If you are looking at scaling up your roasting and have long term business goals and objectives, you should be looking at roasting solutions which can be customised to your specific requirements.

When looking at the available solutions on the market you will always be better off with those which can be adjusted and designed to fit your specific roasting and facility requirements as opposed to standardised solutions.

This may involve a larger investment, however these solutions will pay for themselves with the consistency and efficiency they provide, while ensuring you can produce the exact product you want.


Different machines will vary in their reliability. When creating your own roast, it is extremely important to ensure a consistent signature flavour profile, meaning the roaster reliability and durability should not be overlooked.

A roaster should be a long-term investment, a piece of machinery that can last you decades while providing quality and consistent roasting.

Probat industrial roasters are renowned for their reliability and consistency. As the global leaders in premium coffee roasting solutions, Probat roasters are trusted to deliver the best quality time and time again, with extremely long lifetimes.

Ensure ongoing support and serviceability 

When looking at your options, service and support is an extremely important aspect which should also be considered. Even with the best equipment, regular servicing and on call support is required.
As a result, it is important to ensure this is locally available as you may end up in a situation where prolonged downtime occurs.

Nupac Coffee have an experienced and highly qualified service and spare parts team which covers both Australia and New Zealand. This team has a great reputation and will do whatever it takes to solve any issues or challenges that arise.

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