A Nupac customer focussed on the loose-leaf salad production and manufacturing, purchased their first vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) bagger from Nupac two years ago to replace an opposition model.  The new VFFS bagger provided them a 20% better throughput than their previous machine.

Due to the increased demand on production late last year, they decided to replace another of their VFFS baggers in their Tasmanian site.  Tasmania’s COVID regulations presented unique challenges regarding travel, transport for the machinery and the personnel required to make the installation happen.

The planning process involved military-like coordination between Nupac and its customer to orchestrate the upgrade in machinery and was successfully orchestrated right down to the minute.

As a result of such a well organised and professional experience, the customer is enjoying a significant amount of extra bags per minute during their peak season and is now in discussions of upgrading all of their machines to the Syntegon VFFS baggers.

Nupac’s focus on their customer’s business, their needs and required outcomes is what has made them the easy choice as the supply and service partner for Bosch Packaging Technology and now renamed as Syntegon.

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