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The GKF Selection Series provides best conditions for state-of-the-art, flexible, and safe filling of capsules. It is capable of filling different types of products or combinations of products into hard shell capsules (HPMC or gelatin). Thanks to the modular assembly of the capsule filler, the machines can accommodate filling applications for (mini-) tablets, pellets, granules, liquids, or combinations. Quick changeover times and intuitive handling make the machines ideal for the production of pharmaceutical, health and nutrition products.

Whether in the laboratory for the production of clinical samples or in industrial production, the GKF series is a real all-round machine that is suited for production in the product development phase through to market introduction. 

Capsule filling solution

GKF 60 Capsule Filler

Flexible and compact this solution has been designed specifically with lab-testing and research in mind.  

GKF 702 Capsule Filler

Capsule filling solution for lab applications, clinical trials and scale-up to small batch production with outputs of between 3,000 and 42,000 capsules per hour. 

GKF 1400 Capsule Filler

Medium speed capsule filling mahcine with compact and flexible platform. Production of up to 84,000 capsules per hour for all common capsule sizes. 

GKF 2500 Capsule Filler

High performance cpasule filling machine with its compact and flexible platform for medium and large batch production. Up to 150,000 capsules per hour. 

Dosing disk for optimal capsule filling

To ensure optimal results, selecting the right dosing disk for your capsule filling machine is essential. We offer a diverse range of dosing discs designed to cater to the specific characteristics and requirements of your products.

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