Screens, sieves & filters

Improve your product quality

Leading separation, sieving and self cleaning filters from Russell Finex, across food, confectionary, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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Screens, sieves & filters

Improve your product quality

As the local representative of Russell Finex, we offer the widest range of separation equipment in the industry. Our vibrating sieves and screeners and self-cleaning liquid filters improve the quality of your liquids and powders. They will increase your productivity and keep your operators safe. We can also customise our products to suit your application and installation perfectly.

Russell Finex Sieve

Check Screeners

Russell Finex industrial sieves and screeners improve your product quality by removing foreign contaminants from powder or liquid products. 

Self Cleaning Filter

Self Cleaning Filters

Russell Finex self-cleaning filter systems removes contamination from liquids, improving your product quality, while also reducing the need to replace bags or continuously clean screens. 

Liquid Solid Separator

Liquid Solid Separation

Russell Finex’s advanced liquid solid separator assists in the removal of solids from liquid slurries helping recover or reduce waste. 

Separators / Grading

Separators / Grading Sieves

Russell Finex high performance industrial separators grade or classify material into different particle sizes, enhancing product quality. 

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