Industrial Check Screening Equipment – Russell Finex

Nupac are the local suppliers of the globally recognised leaders in sieving and screening, Russell Finex.

We supply Russell Finex screeners which are used to ensure the correct product quality of powders or liquids is achieved by removing oversize contamination. Designed to provide high capacities, these industrial screeners ensure productivity of the production process is maintained while also keeping your maintenance costs to a minimum.


Screening & Sieving Equipment 

Russell Compact Sieve 

A versatile, high capacity, easy clean check screening vibratory sieve where space is restricted.

Compact Airlock Sieve 

An innovative high containment industrial sifter with minimal operator involvement. Designed for optimum sanitation.

Compact 3in1 Sieve 

Safety sieving of hand fed raw ingredients from low-level bags with bag tipping station to safeguard operators.

Compact Airswept Sieve 

Pneumatic vacuum conveying sieve to screen and convey powders in one operation.

Finex 22″

Industrial sifter for accurate sifting, grading or safety screening of powders and liquids in batches.

Blow Thru Sieve

Pneumatic sieving to remove oversize contamination within blowing lines and improve product quality.

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