Our partner Syntegon Technology has developed new sealing jaw technology for vertical baggers, the PHS 2.0. Suitable on a range of baggers, such as the SVE 3620 LR, this can be retrofitted on existing solutions or included on new baggers.

Increases OEE 

One of the benefits of this new sealing technology is its ability to increase packaging speed. The new Syntegon Sealing System PHS 2.0 helps to improve the OEE by speeding up the packaging process by up to 25%. To do so, this reduces the sealing and cooling time by using two-sided heating and no Teflon tape in the sealing process.


Supports Sustainable Packaging

The PHS 2.0 system allows the flexibility to run laminated materials as well as Polyethylene films without cross seal jaw changeover.


This offers the opportunity to run 20 micron BOPE film which can reduce packaging material consumption by up to 50% compared to L(L)DPE. The servo-driven sealing process of PHS 2.0 combined with BOPE material creates easy-to-open bags that retain their required sealing strength. It also does so without compromising speed and packaging functionality.



Reduce Plastic Usage

Finally, the Syntegon Sealing System PHS 2.0 reduces your plastic consumption. The clamped film during the sealing process is reduced by 25%. You can pack the same weight of the product while using up to 6.8% less film per bag. The top and the bottom of the bag have a free skirt of only 2 millimeters, allowing for this saving.

To find out more about the PHS 2.0 system, contact the Nupac team.

SVE 3620 LR Stock Machine with PHS 2.0

Nupac have an SVE 3620 LR bagger with PHS 2.0 sealing system available now in Australia. Perfect for a range of bag styles across food, confectionary and frozen products.
Avoid delays with this solution available now. 

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