Providing a solution for high accuracy, small dosing, automated capsule filling, Syntegon have recently released the new GKF 60.

Flexible and compact this solution has been designed specifically with lab-testing and research in mind and aims to help improve quality and accuracy, while also saving time and reducing labour and costs through automation.

Syntegon understands the importance of bringing new drugs to regulatory approval quickly and in a targeted manner, therefore they built an accurate machine which enables the development of new formulations with a wide variety of dosing systems, flexibility and OEB levels.


  • Dosing from as small as 100 micromilligrams
  • Capablity to run extremely small product samples 
  • Mobile unit with small foot-print
  • Stable dosing processes and weight control
  • Interchangeable guarding concept to suit your future needs in operator protection
  • Various cleaning concepts to avoid cross-contamination
  • Various cleaning concepts to avoid cross-contamination

Capability to run extremely small dosing

The ability to allow for filling of extremely small quantities is thanks to the GKF 60’s piezo station. This station allows the GKF 60 to offer filling weights beginning at only 0.1milligram.

Allowing such small doses with highly accurate automation allows for a great reduction in waste and ensures effective product trials.

Small footprint & High flexibility

The GKF 60 impresses with high flexibility and low space requirements. With only six stations, the GKF 60 is extremely compact and requires few format parts. There is also the additional option for three filling stations to be integrated in parallel if required.

The newly developed changeover concept of the capsule filling machine also offers maximum flexibility. Thanks to exchangeable cabin elements and a sophisticated cleaning concept up to WIP (washing in place), the combi solution can be adapted for both simple and highly potent formulations up to OEB5 high-containment in just a few steps.


Syntegon is well aware of the importance of accuracy in lab testing and has therefore developed the new Automated Process Development (APD) tool which is available with the GKF 60.

This tool determines the optimum parameters for filling and automatically adjusts them during the filling process.

In addition, each dosing station can be optionally equipped with a gravimetric 100% weighing system for each component dosed. These and many other options, such as cameras and sensors, enable the GKF 60 to provide the necessary quality control during the ongoing process and ensure the highest product quality.

Future proof

The GKF 60 is a future-proof machine that will continue to develop in the direction of automation and Industry 4.0. Great interest from the market has shown that Syntegon is right on target with this far-sighted and very flexible development.

Scale up to production is also easy as the GKF 60 is compatible with Syntegon’s smallest production-scale capsule filling machine (the GKF 720), allowing versatility and room for growth.

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