Between the 17th and 20th of May, Auspack 2022 took place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, the first industry exhibition of this size since 2019.

It was great for the industry to once again re-engage face to face, with the overall exhibition a great success.

During the exhibition APPMA also released some big news, announcing that this was the last exhibition under the Auspack name. Moving forward Auspack will be transitioning to an all-of-industry event named APPEX (Australasian Processing & Packaging Expo). Bringing the whole industry together under one banner allows for a combined focus and will see bigger and more engaging exhibitions in the future.

At this year’s Auspack Nupac displayed a stand, offering expertise in the packaging and processing space. Hosting their international partners, this was also the first exhibition Nupac could present the newly rebranded Syntegon to the Australian market since their purchase of Bosch Packaging Technology, marking an important moment for both Nupac and Syntegon in the Australian market.

Overall Auspack presented a great opportunity for the manufacturing industry to reconnect, something that has been lacking in the past couple of years.

Syntegon Down Under | SVE 3620 LR Bagger

Offering the same high quality solutions and expert knowledge, Syntegon has continually developed and evolved since its takeover of Bosch packaging Technologies. With the purchase and rebrand occurring during COVID, this was the first time Syntegon was able to physically attend a show in Australia, and it was a great moment for both Syntegon and Nupac to do so at Auspack.

With some of the Syntegon team on the stand from Germany and the Netherlands, Nupac also showcased the Syntegon SVE 3620 LR Bagger. Running throughout the expo, the speed and reliability of the bagger was displayed, with the Syntegon team sharing insights into the available bag types and flexibility of the solution, as well as its ability to run a range of sustainable materials.

AZO & SN Maschinenbau visit for Auspack

As well as members from Syntegon, we also saw representatives from AZO and SN Maschninbau come down to Melbourne from Europe and Thailand to share their expertise on the Nupac stand. Offering processing technology throughout the whole manufacturing operation, AZO were able to share in-depth advice and offerings to a range of manufacturers visiting the Nupac stand, providing options to improve their facility’s efficiency and overall output.

SN Maschinebau were also sharing their solutions and innovations with regard to pouch packing. As leaders in their field, SN Maschinenbau has a range of solutions in the Australian market and provided insight to manufacturers looking to upgrade to higher speed and higher quality pouch packing machinery.


Sustainable Materials

With sustainability targets driving the future of packaging, A display of packaging options for the food market was showcased on the Nupac stand. With a range of pack styles and unique designs, materials such as paper and mono materials were displayed, all of which supported on machinery Nupac provides to the market.

Throughout the expo the interest was high, with manufacturers looking at ways in which they can transition their products to more sustainable packaging. With Australia still behind Europe in the growth of sustainable packaging, the knowledge and case studies provided by Nupac and its partners offered insight into what is possible in this space and how it can be applied successfully.

With sustainability in product packaging an inevitability, it was no surprise that manufacturers were seriously considering their available options, using Auspack as a catalyst to gain information.

Cobot Palletization on show

With advancements in robotics, Cobots are becoming a common theme in the manufacturing world. At this year’s Auspack Nupac displayed Cobot palletizing solution from Smart Robotics. With a small footprint and versatile and easy operation, the Smart Robotics Palletizer showed off its ability throughout the expo. Displaying its safety and flexibility, this solution caught the eye of manufacturers in a wide range of industries.

Watch the cobot in action at Auspack below.



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