SN Maschinenbau – LMS 120 & LMS 124 Oval Rotary, Form, Fill & Seal Machine

The SN Maschinenbau LMS 120 and LMS 124 oval rotary, form, fill and seal machines are characterised by their 20/24 stations, and are suitable for the production and filling of flat bottom bags and stand up pouches, including resealing systems.

Versatile and with a high quality build, the LMS 120 and LMS 124 can be utilised for a wide range of product types in a variety of industries.


  • Hygienic construction and easy cleaning
  • Central operation and visualization via touch screen
  • Ideal for liquids and multi shot filling
  • Central adjustment of pouch gripping units
  • High quality construction means long-lasting machine components
  • Ideal access to all working stations
  • Dosing equipment: Slide doser, auger doser, scales, micro doser for smallest volumes, rotary and valve pumpdoser, flow meter
  • Synchronization with linear and multi-head weigher

Applications: Food, Pet Food, Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Nonfood, Household, Personal Care


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