Semi-Automatic & Manual Inspection

Manual inspection is the cornerstone of visual inspection. It is still the most common method for performing visual inspection of parenteral liquids. It sets the benchmark for an acceptable product and establishes the baseline for validation. Syntegon’s manual inspection hoods are ideal for small batches, re-inspecting rejects or ejects, and batch releases. For a hybrid solution between manual and automated inspection, the VIS semi-automated visual inspection series is an excellent choice.


The MIH-Port is equipped with a black and white background, and a uniform, non-glaring light source, optimizing the inspector’s ability to identify particle and cosmetic defects while minimizing fatigue. LED lighting and a reversible gray background are standard for this model. The white base with padded elbow rests can be closed for compact storage or portability using the carrying handle.


The MIH DX Features stainless steel construction with courtesy side shields, adjustable non-glaring black and white background, acoustical foam-lines interior, and two light intensity LED lighting fixtures.


The MIH-DL is an advanced manual inspection system that provides an optimal environment for the inspection of difficult to inspect parental drugs. 


The MIH LX features a programmable inspection time/pacing system with sensor verification of the container and inspector’s hand in the inspection zone. Other standard features include matte, black finished aluminum construction, non-glaring black and white reversible gray background, a white base with padded elbow rests and two single light intensity LED lighting fixtures.


The MIH-1 workstation provides a productive work environment by improving the lighting and ergonomics and minimizing co-worker interruptions or other distracting influences. An aluminium frame with casters is equipped with a lift system allowing rapid heihgt adjustment from 30 to 46 in (76 to 117 cm) for inpsection from standing or sitting positions. 


The MIH-1S is variant of the MIH-1 manual inspection system that provides an optimal environment for inspectionof sterile injectable products in vial, ampule, syringe and cartridge containers. It serves as a standalone inspection station and has a lift system for height adjustment. 


The MIH-IV features a sliding hook, which enables the operator to hang the IV bag for inspection. Hook easily slides for a seamless transition from one side of the black and white background to the next. This motion triggers particulate movement, enhances inspection capability and operator ergonomics. 

APK Series

The APK is a table-top visual observation tool for particle inspection. There are different models with various lighting systems, spin functions and additional special features depending on your requirements, container type and size range. 

VIS 200/500 Series

VIS 200 and VIS 500 semi-automated inspection systems facilitate visual inspection of vials containing liquids, powdered or lyophilized products, as well as empty vials. Compared to manual system, the VIS series achieves higher inspection rates and reduces operator fatigue. Accepted or rejected vials are sent into separate areas. 

VIS 1000

The VIS 1000 complements the semi-automated inspection portfolio with an even more efficient and user-friendly inspection solution for liquids, powders, and freeze-dried products in vials. Container infeed, transport, and the reject of identified faulty objects occurs automatically. The VIS 1000 facilitates the operators detection of particles and cosmetic defects. 

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