Robotic Automation | Pick & Place Robots (RPP)

Automation in packaging is a fast growing trend. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, many manufacturers started replacing manual work steps by fully automated solutions. This is where pick and place robots excel. They help food manufacturers to reach their production targets at high efficiency and quality levels. At Nupac we offer a range of Pick & Place Robots to fit your primary and secondary packaging needs.


Syntegon’s RPP (Robotic Pick & Place) platform takes automation of product handling, feeding and loading for primary and secondary packaging processes to the next level. RPP offers outstanding modular scalability within a compact footprint. The platform is designed to fulfill your needs in terms of performance and flexibility – no matter at what point you are in your automation journey.


DEMAUREX constructs its own Pick and Place robot systems for the food industry. Each aspect of these systems is controlled “inhouse” which guarantees the highest performance systems.

This specially designed Gemini software takes your products “in flow“ directly from the production process. Demaurex software allows exceptional
high speeds which have not yet been achieved by any other Pick and Place system before. 

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