Hüttlin – Fluid Bed Systems

Huttlin fluid bed lines make it possible to carry out drying, granulating and coating with just one product container. From lab scale up to high volume production and with batch capacities from 1.5kg and up to 30kg.
Solidlab 1 Fluid Bed system

Solidab 1

The Solidlab 1 enables you to test small R&D batches in a fast and easy way.  The fluid bed version comes with two different product containers for batches from 0.05 to 1 kg, contributing to versatile product development and accurate recipe examination.

Solidlab 2 w/ fluid bed system

Solidab 2 Plus

The Solidlab 2 allows easy execution of Design of Experiments (DoE) and scale up. It enables high quality granules and homogenous pellet coating with significantly reduced process times. You can also use a fluid bed or drum coater module.  

Solidlab 2 w/ fluid bed system


The Pilotlab takes care of drying, granulating and coating of batch sizes ranging from 4-50kg. If required, you can easily combine the unit with Syntegon Pilotmix high-shear mixer, granulator and mill systems. Can handle high potency APIs.

Fluid bed systems



These fluid bed systems stand out with their large batch capacity range and high efficiency. Depending on the option, they allow you to dry (HD), granulate (HDG) and coat (HDGC) batches of more than 1,500kg in on flexible system. 

Fluid bed systems


The compact GranuLean unit comprises of a high-shear mixer, wet mill, fluid bed system, dry mill and adequate material handling. Due to the small footprint, this line can be easily integrated into existing plants. 

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