Horizontal Flow Wrappers

Visually appealing, cost-efficient, and extremely flexible: flow wraps are the all-round solution for packaging food products as the variety of packaging options is almost limitless.

Our portfolio includes various types of horizontal flow wrapping machines, from entry-level machines with an output of 80 packages per minute to fully automated, seamlessly integrated systems with output capacities of up to 1,500 packages per minute. We provide systems suited for a variety of products, including chocolate, biscuits and baked goods, bars as well as frozen food and solid goods such as detergent tabs. They are even able to wrap pharmaceutical products such as BFS cards or tablets in blisters.

Flow wrappers for all applications

Flow wrapping application images
Sigpack Horizontal Flow Wrappers

Sigpack Hxx

The Sigpack Hxx series of horizontal flow wrappers are designed for full system integration. They offer high speeds and high OEE. 

Pack Series Horizontal Flow Wrappers

Pack Series 

The Pack Series horizontal flow wrappers are a highly modular series of wrappers and feeders, meeting the needs of mid range performance. 

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