Makat – Sweets Processing

Innovative Solutions for Sweets Processing

At Nupac Industries, we provide state-of-the-art sweets processing machines designed to meet the diverse needs of the confectionery industry. Whether you are producing gummies, jellies, toffees, caramels, fondants, hard candies, or nutraceuticals, our advanced technology helps bring your sweet creations to life.

High-Quality Sweets Production

Our comprehensive solutions cover every step of the sweets manufacturing process, from ingredient preparation to the final product. Our systems ensure the highest quality by handling products gently and precisely, maintaining the integrity and taste of your confectionery items.

Makat Kitchen Technology

Our kitchen technology covers all aspects of ingredient and slurry preparation, dissolving, cooking, coloring, and flavoring. We offer flexible and modular solutions for all types of gelling agents, ensuring you get the optimal line setup for your application

Key Benefits:

  • Accurate ingredient dosing with flow meters and weighing cells

  • High recipe accuracy and homogeneous mixing

  • Gentle treatment during each process step

  • Energy-efficient with short cleaning times

Makat Depositing Technology

We offer a range of Makat depositing solutions, including starch-based and starchless options, for various confectionery and nutraceutical applications. Our depositing lines are available in different sizes to meet your production capacities.

Key Benefits:

  • High-quality products with precise depositing and smooth handling
  • Maximum color variation with minimal format parts
  • High machine availability due to robust design and process monitoring
  • Hygienic design for safe food processing and easy cleaning

Makat Product Finishing Technology

Makat finishing technology ensures your sweets are perfectly polished and protected, enhancing their appearance, taste, and shelf life. Whether oiling or sugar coating, our equipment handles products gently and effectively.

Key Benefits:

  • Continuous and thorough finishing
  • Various settings for different production needs
  • Suitable for different polishing agents and sugars
  • Hygienic design with easy access and cleaning

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