Case Packers

Flexible, gentle, and fast – these are the key factors for case packing. Our Syntegon case packers keep your products safe until they reach the point of sale.

Providing high quality, European solutions, Nupac offer case packing machines which have been designed for optimum product safety and high output, processing up to 40 cases per minute. Thanks to easy and quick format changeovers, you can run up to 100 different case designs on one machine – from simple trays to complex shelf-ready tray and hood cases.

Wraparound Case Packers

Designed for a wide format range and maximum flexibility, we offer Syntegon case packers which are able to switch between various formats within six minutes. 

Case Packer Elematic 2001

Elematic 2001 Case Packer

The Elematic 2001 case packer was designed with a reduced footprint and offers maximum flexibility in terms of different pack styles, including wrap-around and tray and hood cases. This high performance case packer covers speeds of up to 40 cases per minute. There is also a standard speed version with up to 25 cases per minute available.

Case Packer Elematic 3001

Elematic 3001 Case Packer

The Elematic 3001 is Syntegon´s standardized Case Packer, that packs in simple trays over the classic full wrap-around up to the two-part display packaging. The Elematic 3001 sets new standards for ease of use, format changeovers and flexibility. This solution is ergonomic, easy to run, clean and maintain.

Sideload and Topload Case Packers

With fast and toolless format changes, these sideload and wraparound case packers enable you to process a wide variety of pack styles and formats. 

Case Packer Elematic 1001 SL

Elematic 1001 SL Case Packer

The Elematic 1001 SL is Syntegon’s standardised Sideload Case Packer for packaging products into Regular Slotted Cases (RSC). 
This solution can reach speeds of up to 20 cases per minute across a wide format range.

Case Packing Elematic 1001 TL

Elematic 1001 TL Case Packer

The Elematic 1001 TL is a topload case
packer for packing products in Regular Slotted Cases (RSCs) and Half Slotted Container (HSC) on a small footprint and large format range.
Thanks to the intuitive Elematic Click System, changing formats is easy and reproducible at any time and no tools are needed.

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