Cartoning machines

Formers, closers and integrated solutions. Nupac supply high quality Syntegon cartoning machines to the Australian and New Zealand market.

Whether you are an aspiring start-up or a global market leader, we offer efficient cartoning solutions for everyone. From side load and top load to wrap around and sleeving options we provide a range of solutions to suit your needs. 

Case Packer Elematic 2001

Carton forming and closing

Flexible equipment that covers a large range of packaging formats at high speeds. Syntegon carton formers and closers are suited to pack even sensitive products like bars, baked goods or cookies thanks to their gentle handling options. 

Case Packer Elematic 2001

Integrated topload cartoning

Gentle product handling with high precision and reliable topload cartoning. Combining high OEE, pack style flexibility, fast format changes and full carton control, the TTM platform from Syntegon offers easy integration and state of the art performance. 

Case Packer Elematic 3001

Endload cartoning

The endload cartoning machines are designed to meet a wide rage of customer requirements, including bag-in-box, fresh and frozen foods, bars and bakery applications. With stainless steel construction, these machines offer easy cleaning and maintenance, ideally suited for food products. 

Case Packer Elematic 1001 SL

Wraparound cartoning

Wraparound cartoning machines that handle a wide range of different products, carton styles and shapes. 
As a popular pack style in many industries, wraparound cartoning are also a great option for sustainable packaging, replacing plastic sleeves. 

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