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Cartoning & sleeving machines

We understand that reliable and efficient cartoning machinery is crucial to your packaging operations, that’s why we proudly offer Kliklok cartoning machines, leaders in cartoning solutions globally and trusted by the largest manufacturers.

These high quality cartoning machines offer unparalleled flexibility and efficiency and reliability, with a broad portfolio including topload, endload, wraparound and sleeving machines. Handling a wide variety of styles and speeds, as well as easy integration, Kliklok solutions are suitable for a wide variety of applications. 

Whether you are an aspiring start-up or a global market leader, the importance of finding the right solution to handle your products is imperative. This is why the experienced team at Nupac works hand in hand with our you to understand your specific needs and and challenges, resulting in the best outcome on the manufacturing floor. 

Examples of packaging

Endload Cartoning
Display Box
Full Wraparound
Syntegon scroll image

Cartoning Solutions

Syntegon Kliklok machines are used in a wide segment of food and other packaging industries. With continuous or intermittent motion machines, these can range in capacity for 10-300 packs/minute. For these machines, Syntegon also supplies automatic in-feed and grouping equipment. Typical products for Syntegon Kliklok’s cartoning machines are: biscuits, sweets, bags, cookies, and frozen foods.

HFFS – Bagger

Topload Solutions

Wrap around and tray with lid solutions from Syntegon. As the market leader of Toploader equipment for the food industry, these solutions handle products such as chocolate bars, biscuits, chocolate sticks and ice cream. The orientation can be horizontal or vertical with the “face outwards” that is ready to be placed directly on the store shelf. We can also deliver primary packaging machines and the entire line from Syntegon.

Cartoner machine Downloads

Topload Formers - Kliklok

Topload Closers - Kliklok

Endload Cartoning - Kliklok

Wraparound Sleevers - Kliklok

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