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Elematic – 1001 Side Load Case Packer

The Elematic 1001 SL is Syntegon’s standardised side load case packer for packaging products in Regular Slotted Cases (RSC) also known as American cases. It was specifically designed with ergonomics and robustness in mind. Output: up to 20 cases/min. Infeed: up to 160 products/min.

Elematic – 2001 Wrap Around Case Packer

The Elematic 2001 WA / WAH is a high speed case packer with a small footprint and more flexibility. The format range is versatile and covers the cases from simple one piece wrap-around cases to shelf ready two piece cases. Output: 10- 40 cases/min.

Elematic – 3001 Wrap Around Case Packer

The Elematic 3001 is a highly flexible wrap-around & tray and hood case packer. The enhanced ergonomic design and a portable HMI for format pre-selection, adjustments and assistance functions simplify operation. Format changeovers are fast and reproducible thanks to the Elematic Click system. Output: 20 -30 cases/min.

Smart Robotics – Smart Palletiser

Smart Robotics develops smart, flexible, compact, safe and user-friendly robot solutions. The Smart Palletiser is a compact end of line solution for the ultra-flexible palletisation of products, that has a small footprint, easy to use and needs no programming. With the robot-independent, intellignt software, the palletiser can be deployed quickly and can easily adjust to […]

Statec Binder – PRINCIPAL Palletising Systems

The palletising of bags and boxes of all kinds is made possible by the fully automatic PRINCIPAL palletsier and the PRINCIPAL-R robot palletiser.

Oli Case Packer

The innovative product range from Oli provides a periphery adapted to all packaging lines that is continuously advanced and optimised to meet customer needs. Featuring the highest degree of flexibility, all Oli systems can be integrated, installed, and they can be further modified, depending on individual customer and product requirements.

Olimat 3D Case Packer

Innovative, flexible case packers specially designed to meet the high demands of the pharmaceutical industry with custom designed solutions for the packaging of vials, products in blister packaging, plastic bottles, folding boxes, cream tubes, etc. If required secure track and trace systems can be integrated with the equipment to ensure product can be completely and […]

Oli – Palletiser Solutions

Oli offer a range of palletiser solutions that can process any product or shape such as American cases, trays with or without lids, buckets, canisters, shrink wrappeed items, sacks, etc. – The single station solution is compact and low maintenance and with the options for semi or fully automatic pallet feeding. – The multi station […]

Oli – Case Packer for Pharmaceutical Industry

Oli’s Case Packer is designed for international pharmaceutical companies and integrate in existing production lines. Used to pack folding boxes containing pharmaceutical products inside covering cases, a complete track and trace of products over the entire packaging line is part of the completeness check process enabling any company to meet the highest standards in the […]