Wyzo – The world’s first high speed pick-and-place sidebot, is now available, programmed to work safely side-by-side with humans without protective barriers or performance compromises. Perfect for companies making their first steps into automaton of those looking for unrivaled versatility and flexibility, this is a timely and truly innovative solution. 

The “world first” compact and agile sidebot is designed to fit anywhere on the production floor. At less than 0.5 m2 and just 1.80 meters in height, it can easily be moved from one workstation to another, eliminating bottlenecks and enabling fast ROI. It also finds and picks products at 80 cycles per minute, with a payload of half a kilogram.

The brainchild of Demaurex SA, pioneer of the Delta robot, Wyzo is represented locally by Nupac Industries. It is available for companies making their first steps into automation, as well as for large manufacturers looking for versatility.

“Creating Wyzo started with a dream to give every operator out there an assistant for day-to-day tasks on the production floor,” said Frank Souyris, chief executive officer, Wyzo.

Wyzo in action

While traditional pick-and-place robots are large and work on fully automated lines separated from operators by protective doors, Wyzo’s advanced safety system allows it to collaborate with humans in close proximity. Thanks to its high-tech robotic arm and built-in or external vision systems, the sidebot finds and picks products at  80 cycles per minute, with a payload of half a kilogram.

Wyzo’s HMI is simplified for intuitive use by operators with no prior training in automated solutions.

Through its advanced sensor technology, Wyzo constantly monitors its surroundings for the presence of human activity, allowing it to maximise performance when on its own and to slow to a safe operating speed when a human is in close proximity.

For manufacturers switching between products, Wyzo is highly compatible with all regular grippers on the market with changeover speeds of less than nine seconds. To meet ever-changing production demands, it also offers integrated pneumatic, electric and vacuum controls.

Wyzo’s Human Machine Interface (HMI) is simplified for intuitive use by operators with no prior training in automated solutions. Its mobile terminal is as easy to operate as a smartphone and requires neither script nor programming to get Wyzo up and running. Based on more than 30 years of software development for Delta robots, Wyzo’s state-of-the-art pick-and-place software has been specially refined for ease of use and control.

Wyzo HMI

“It is not a mere machine. Wyzo is a co-worker, who is easy to communicate with through a simple interface. Maybe the next generation will even have a conversation with its colleagues,” added Souyris.

“Regardless of its conversational skills, however, its ability to be effectively integrated into existing production lines to perform pick-and-place tasks flexibly and reliably will certainly put a smile on manufacturers’ faces. It is a new benchmark for collaborative production that combines the best of human and machine abilities. We could not be more excited to present Wyzo to our customers.”

To find out more about the Wyzo or to determine if this is the right solution for your application reach out to Nupac.


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