DCS 0500 – Processed Cheese Slices

The DCS 0500 is an ergonomically designed entry-level packaging line for the production of individually wrapped processed cheese slices (IWS) for extended shelf life.

The first scalable machine for  IWS which allows a 100% output increase with a quick and easy upgrade.
Offering 500 slices per minute, the DCS 0500 can be adjusted to increase output to 1000 slices per minute.

High quality slices
The transverse seal, achieved within milliseconds of forming the tube with a high-quality longitudinal seal and after calibrating the weight of the slice, ensures very good dosing accuracy and a hermetic portion. This process also allows the use of ingredients or the production of “light” slices. In addition, the cooling process is done in horizontal position, ensuring a very homogeneous shape.

Your benefits: 

  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Practical and functional layout – small footprint
  • High quality slices
  • Motorised horizontal stacking device

To learn more about the DCS 0500 or solutions for cheese packaging reach out to us directly at:

E: info@nupac.com.au
PH: +61 3 9584 8111