Syntegon’s Doy Zip resealable pouch captivates consumers with a premium look, locked-in freshness and outstanding convenience.

A stand-up pouch that catches the eye and delivers a quick return on investment, Syntegon gives brands a leg up with premium quality and product protection while you score big with unbeatable flexibility, speed and efficiency.

The fastest doy zip vertical bagger on the market with patented zipper seals.

Syntegon’s patented zipper application and long-seal technology assures the deluxe quality of a doy zip bag. With straight edged line and airtight seals, the packaging gives brands an exceptional look and feel. As the fastest doy zip vertical bagger thanks to Syntegon’s smart engineering, you can produce up to 100 resealable pouches per minute, enabling you to get your product to market in record time.

Choosing your style.

Syntegon offers maximum flexibility. Choose up to 9 different bag styles on one machine and make changeovers in as little as 30 minutes. With pillow, gusseted, block bottom, corner seal, full corner seal, 3-sided seal, doy and doy zip, you can quickly adjust to changing market demands.

Other Benefits:

  • Feeding a growing appetite. Stand up doy zip bags can now be up to 320mm high with the same uncompromising quality.
  • Carry that weight. Syntegon’s new vertical technology offers stand-up pouches with carry handles.
  • Film variety. With a novel hole-punch feature, you now have flexibility for wider options of packaging materials.
  • Small footprint, big impact. The vertical bagger takes up to a third of the space of traditional horizontal equipment, but delivers 50% higher output.
  • Not your ordinary zipper. Syntegon’s patented zipper technology eliminates wrinkles and imparts the premium look your brands deserves. Get the quality of horizontal equipment with low initial investment.