A step towards reduced footprint and waste, with an increase of OEE and sustainable processing, is a step in the right direction.

The SN FME 50 Rotary Form Fill & Seal machine offers the ability to take this step, allowing a range of recyclable films while also running at a surprisingly low energy consumption.

This horizontally operating form filling machine is affordable, compact and easily commissionable, allowing for quick and easy integration. With high quality components, it will also stand the test of time, reducing downtime due to maintenance and failure. With an output of only 2kWH during production, the FME 50 translates a low CO2 footprint, ensuring a greener packaging process.

Despite its small size, the FME 50 also offers a high degree of flexibility for product packaging from a wide range of industries, while also offering 100 cycles per minute (depending on the product and the pouch size). With the optional auger dosing system, which has been specially developed for the FME 50, protein powder, cocoa powder, spices, sugar and chemical powders can be filled with high precision. Scale dosing also enables the precise filling of all kinds of chunky goods, such as snacks, pet food or household products.

The central pouch gripper adjustment on the rotary table and the optimized height adjustment of the folding wedge contribute to a reduction of format changeover times. This greatly simplifies operation, helping to increase overall packaging efficiency. In addition, the new protective covering concept, including easy access to all relevant machine components, supports handling, cleaning and maintenance of the machine.

To learn more about the SN Maschinenbau FME 50, or to discuss options to increase your OEE, contact Nupac directly.


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