Confectionary Processing and Packaging solutions

Nupac leads the way in confectionery processing and packaging solutions in Australia and New Zealand.
Nupac provide a range of high quality processing and packaging machinery solutions across a wide range of confectionery products.
From hard candies and gummies, to bars and chocolate, we have the know-how and experience to find the best solution for your confectionery needs.

Confectionary Processing Machinery

Gummies and Jellies

With Makat processing technology, we provide solutions to help your gummy and jelly creations to life. Whether your products are mono, filled, multi-colored, or multi-flavored, our high quality European solutions are designed to suit.


From a small binder cookers to continuous high capacity nougat and caramel candy bar kitchens, as well as bar forming, coating and enrobing machinery, HANSELLA offers a complete range of the highest quality bar solutions.

Hard Candy

Understanding the wide variety in hard candies, we provide high quality equipment to processes mono, side-by-side, center filled, starlight or layered candy (including any combinations).

Fondants, toffees and carmels

We provide processing solutions for fondants, toffees or caramels, with or without chocolate enrobing.

Confectionary Packaging Machinery

Form Fill Seal

Supporting all bag styles we provide Syntegon VFFS & SN Maschinenbau HFFS bagging solutions with Doy Zip and Pillow Bags the most prevalent in confectionary.

Flow Wraping

Syntegon Flow wrapping solutions from entry-level machines to fully automated, seamlessly integrated systems. Packaging chocolate, biscuits and baked goods, bars as well as frozen food and solid goods. 


Formers, closers and integrated solutions. We supply high quality Syntegon (Kliklok) cartoning machines to suit the versatile requirements of the confectionary industry.

Case Packing

We offer case packing solutions which have been designed for optimum product safety and high output, supporting wraparound, sideload, and topload requirements.

Options to suit your needs

Complete Line Solutions 

From the beginning of your process to the end we have complete turn key systems to support your manufacturing. From processing, depositing and finishing to primary packaging, secondary packaging and palletizing. 

Stand Alone Solutions 

Whether you need an option as a stand alone system or to be integrated into your currnet line, we provide confectionary processing and packaigng solutions to suit your specific required needs. 


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