Nupac Coffee has a rare ‘ready to roast’ roastery opportunity in Tullamarine, Melbourne.

Including an exceptionally maintained PROBAT P50 Drum roaster, with afterburner, this facility has green bean and roasted bean storage, gas connected and space to roast. It is ready to go for roasters looking to increase their capacity or looking for a high output roasting facility.

A challenge that faces a lot of roasters in the industry when looking to increase their capacity or reduce their roasting hours is both the investment and the challenge of finding an adequate facility.

To take this next step, roasters will need to look at investing in a larger roaster. This can be a significant financial outlay, and may not be a commitment they are ready to make. In conjunction with this, there will be lead times on the machinery, creating a delay before roasting at these capacities can begin, delaying the opportunity to start bringing in greater revenue.

The other challenge, which may in fact be the most difficult, is finding a facility that supports the roasting requirements. To do so, roasters need to find adequate space as well as gas connections for the roaster. With a lot of warehouses not providing adequate gas connection, this can limit the available options, making this a very challenging task. This search for a facility can also delay the roasting opportunity, once again halting potential bean sales.

This is where the ‘ready to roast’ facility offers a great solution. This opportunity reduces the need for a large investment, eliminates any lead time, and solves the issues of finding an adequate facility.

Ready to go as soon as you walk in, this facility allows a roaster to set up shop and begin roasting, bringing in revenue immediately and avoiding the large investment output required to purchase a roaster.

In conjunction with this, there is confidence that the machine will be serviced and running efficiently, with the Nupac Coffee service team providing regular maintenance and ongoing support.

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If you are interested in this great roasting opportunity reach out to the Nupac team today to discuss further.